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JOIN ME, NO FEE AND NO INSTRUCTIONS; (there may be a park fee at some locations).  Each month you can look on this site for the month's Paintout location and details.  You may e mail me if you are coming; this is appreciated but not necessary (go to my home page for e mail link).  This is a loosely arranged gathering of painters. Depending on the time of year you can arrive anytime and if this is a "sunset" paintout, then paint until sunset.  We will then meet after at a designated place mentioned below to share and visit with other friendly artists.  I have arranged this paintout for several months, always on the first Monday. Come if you can and paint where you like! 


Monday, August 7th. Meet at Spring Lake Park. (there is a park fee if you are not a member) Use the Hoen and Summerfield entrance and go into the park through to Newanga Ave and drive towards the park.  Turn right at the park entrance and look to the left at the dam. Drive around to the parking area near the Dam.  I will be at the Dam on top, over looking the lake around 5:00ish pm.  Join me or paint wherever you like.  We will paint until sunset.  It is always nice to connect around that time to share and connect.  Meet at the dam around sunset. 






Crane park at Sunset

I will save this place for Autumn with lots of Fall colors. Scenic walking trails and hills, vistas, vineyards in the distance, trees and a creek.  Note: watch out for the frisbee players, they are everywhere!  Meet up after painting, up on the hill at sunset or after in the parking lot after sunset.