SKETCHES AND WATERCOLOR "Figures and Faces" 2019c)
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SKETCHING PEOPLE IN PUBLIC PLACES fun CLASSES.  Sketching and Drawing are the foundation of all art, however it can be an artform by itself.  I fill my sketchbooks with drawings and watercolor paintings  and have been teaching classes in sketching, painting and a variety of classes through the Santa Rosa Junior College Community Eduction for over fifteen years:  Go to my WORKSHOP page on this site for more information on upcoming classes. They are always fun and informative...........All levels, no grades, just fun learning.

Cafe sketch with color
Line Drawing Made Simple

Live Drawing at Rita's Tavern

This is the kind of sketch with color that we do in my "Sketching People in Public Places" class with the SRJC short courses, community extended education classes.  Lots of fun to go out to various music venues to sketch the muicians.

Watercolor painting with models- Live in my studio

Profile of a model with watercolor and pencil

Lovely subject to sketch and paint
This sketch was done on location, not from a photograph!