Sonoma County California " plein air" Painter- (c) 2020
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Donna DeLaBriandais, a native of Sonoma County finds inspiration painting en Plein Air while going out on location and creating landscape paintings on canvas or paper. Her favorite time to paint is late afternoon to sunset. The magic of light changing over the landscape inspired the Impressionist painters from France and later California artists to take their paints out of the studio and into nature. Donna has painted the landscape for twenty five years and enjoys following the footsteps of past artists. Sonoma County has an abundance of subjects just waiting to be painted. <.

Plein air Vineyard painting in Geyserville, Ca.

Last weekend I was painting the scene at Spring Lake, up on the berm.  It was a lovely afternoon into sunset.  15x34"  Spring Lake park has many vistas and atmospheric conditions to paint.  I am always inspired.

Lavender Field 15x30"
This quiet piece depicts the mood of sunrise;
a favorite time to paint! The earth is still, the sun has just moved beyond the mountain and a sense of calmness comes over me........One of my lavender paintings is hanging in Matanzas Winey with prints to purchase.
Solitude - 24x30"

This painting was created from a quiet areas along the bay at Point Reyes National Seashore.  I was teaching a weekend workshop at the center.

Sonoma Mountain Overlook 20x30

This was painted from a plein air painting on Sonoma mountain top overlooking Bennett Valley.  This contemporary style painting depicts the the vibration of Sprint in May.

First Light: My Backyard 18x24"

I live in beautiful Bennett Valley and overlook a valley of vineyard and trees.  I painted this scene from my back yard, several mornings in a row.  I am not an early morning riser but the beauty of the sky was worth the lost sleep.  22x26"

"A Special Moment" 30x24" Jenner sky burst-yummy!
Special moments in nature come and go.  When I paint on location or in my studio, I am able to draw on what I see and feel to create a mood in my paintings.  This method of painting comes from within and just happens on canvas.
My Studio Wall

My studio is open during Art Trails weekends in October with the Sebastopol Center for the Arts program.  You can also visit my studio by appointment.  My walls are full with new paintings.  Also I now have a special location in my studio for selected paintings at a reduced price.  Go to my Home page to E mail me for a visit!