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Still Life painting has been an exciting subject for me to create in my studio.  I enjoy arranging the objects in the space of a canvas.  I choose the center of interest, colors and arrangements. The process of being expressive and innovative takes me away for the reality and into fantasy. 


Abstract paintings give me an opportunity to explore subjects.  I am a plein air painter and embrace the rhythm, contrast and movement within a landscape and enjoy creating paintings void of subject, and concentrate only on the principles of design that I see and feel.


Blue Bottle Whirl

12x12 Oil  

Green Apple and Blue Bottle

12"x12" Oil

Antique Pitcher

12"x12" Oil

Silver Tea Pot and grapes

18"x24"  Oil

Silver Bouquet

20"x16"  Oil

Evening on the Laguna 30x36"
Ocean swirls 18x36" Oil